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ok, seriously, so what what do you want to know?

My work is a mixture of practical structures to help create the space for you to shine, of inner work exploring the creativity inside you, and of looking after body & soul while you head toward even greater vitality.  It is an amalgamation of a lifetimes learning & exploring

I have always known I was a spiritual being, and made my first altar before I entered adolescence , a tree stump outside that I laid out as a harvest festival.    I also used to periodically arrange my window sill so that it was beautiful with my special things.  I didn’t know then that I was creating sacred space.  It just felt like the right thing to do.

I spent 3 years in my 20’s living in a community which ran a course & conference centre for mind body spirit development, encountering a variety of spiritual beliefs and teachers.  It wasn’t until later that I realised how many of them were major leaders in their fields – Brandon Bays, Shakti Gawain, William Bloom, Gabrielle Roth, Caitlin & John Matthews, Malidoma & Sobonfu Some, Leo Rutherford amongst many – and how fortunate I was to meet & learn from them.

I started to rediscover my creativity when I was pregnant with my first child.  It began with making practical things for my babies & me and over the years has evolved to exploring the inner stuff of getting in touch with my own core wisdom.  I still made an awesome Minecraft hotwater bottle cover for my 10 year old for Christmas though, because warm feet are important too.

bio stuff – I am a trained practitioner in NLP with Sarah Frossel.  I also have an advanced certificate in Marketing and a bachelors honours degree in Mechanical Engineering.  A weird selection I know.  It is a matter of personal shame that I never got my cycling proficiency like everyone else, but thats what happens when your parents send you to a private school in the early years.  I can however ride a bike very efficiently.  I did get my Brownie Guides cycling badge if that helps.


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