Just turning my old blog posts into a document that I can save & print.  For free!  How fab is that?  There is also a paid plan with more options and more flexibility. is da bomb!

Can’t wait to see it printed out! 🙂

White Winter What?

If Games of Thrones tells us anything, it tells us that Winter is Coming.

This is an event that one should be well shod for.  A quick stock take told me that I have two pairs of winter boots, but no waterproof shoes, as in actual shoes.

The only shoes I appear to own are some Converse All stars a mate gave me.  Canvas shoes don’t cut the mustard in a downpour.  The tally also indicated speciality footwear – hike boots, wellies for allotment & running shoes (it could happen) but no shoes, only boots.

Now, clearly I am very lucky. I do have some waterproof footwear.  There are many so many souls that will face this coming winter without decent footwear, clothes, shelter…  And to assuage my guilt on this I have donated where I can.  I send my love and my cash their way.

But back to my first world problems.  I have been told by girlfriends that I need more shoes, starting with a waterproof pair for wet weather jollity.  I am letting the side down by having such limited foot apparel.  Admittedly this was given to me by an Imelda Marcos wannbe.  But still.  No shoes?!  WTF?!  Get it sorted, Woman.

Then last week it rained like it meant it.

A quick recount tallied at a single pair of brown winter boots, one pair of black winter boots awaiting the sole doctor to make waterproof again.

So on Saturday, I set off with cash in my wallet to rectify this apparent dire betrayal of the female gender.

And came back with… (drum roll please)

A pair of White Winter Boots.

Lets just take a moment to consider that idiotic juxtaposition of words right there.

White.  Winter.  Boots.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this sentence, class?  Yes, thats right, Millie, no shoes.   What else.  Yes, Jakob, That is more boots.  More Winter Boots.  Anything else?

Ok, lets add the pronoun.  Aka, Me.  I, Jaci, and the adjective, White.

Anyone who knows me will attest to my uneasy relationship to White clothing and my abilities to keep it thus described.

A little backstory for ya.

I remember a time past, sitting in an airport, people watching.  (This was clearly pre children as I had the time and space to observe my environs rather then head count constantly.)  I was fascinated by a beautiful woman, in an exquisite cream trouser suit, seemingly serene, with a lovely young daughter- say 4 or 5.  How she seemed calm while travelling in white and with a child was beyond me.  But wait, this gets better.  The girl was eating a chocolate, I repeat Chocolate, ice-cream.  I watched this ice-cream be consumed and disposed of without the white suit being marked in anyway.

This event, or perhaps that should read non-event must have happened 15-20 years ago.  It has clearly stayed with me so even then I knew there was not a hope in hell of me travelling in white accompanying chocolate children.  I knew white would not be joining me on any expeditions.

In my defence, these boots are RocketDogs and they were a fiver.  And soooo very comfy.

So, Winter is coming.

And still no shoes.

Thankful Thursday 30th April

Thankful Thursday Sunbeam

Back again after the Easter Holidays.  It always takes me a while to re-enter the worlds atmosphere.

So, tomorrow is Beltane.  Spring.  And time to be grateful.

Today I am grateful for:

  • The sunniest Easter Holidays in a long time.  I actually got as tanned as my sister who went off to foreign climes.  Unintentionally tanned, I fell asleep in the garden and almost burned!
  • A completely empty calendar for the holidays.  Other than the Easter festival our village runs right at the beginning of the hols, nothing was booked in.  I fought quite hard to make sure this was so.
  • Playing with colour with my Spirited Tribe.  Gorgeous women.
  • One of my best friends is getting married this Saturday in a quiet ceremony.  I am sending her super calm and delicious vibes.
  • A major surge in Allotment work the past few weeks.  We had a lorry load of wood chip delivered and then almost broke ourselves barrowing it down to our plot.  Luckily we managed to bribe  persuade the kids to get involved, and it all got done fairly easily.

2015-04-26 17.07.27

  • A box of seeds came my way today.  Choice.
  • Apple blossom.  so pretty against the blue sky.
  • I cleared out the shed down the allotment, so it is almost ready to be my very own retreat cabin.
  • An initial foray into Golden acrylic paints.  Such vibrant colours, I love them.  I don’t think I will be able to just stop at the 6 I have…

What are you grateful for today? xxx

Thankful Thursday 26th March 2015

Thankful Thurs Roo running

So, Apparently I do have a reader of my blog.  Evidently I am a good toilet read.  Not sure how I feel about this… Anyway, this one’s for you, Brooxsie!

Today I am grateful for:

  • A massage on Monday.  Jenny gives the massage you need, but don’t necessarily want.  I may have cried out.  In my defence, my beloved tends to whimper like a puppy.  However, afterwards you feel GREAT!
  • A lovely meditation at a local earth circle site for the equinox and so-called eclipse.  All we saw was a slight darkening of the sky.  Like our scottish holiday.  Then it brightened up.  Also like our Scottish holidays.  There were about 30-40 people attending & it was really lovely.  Absolutely. f.u.c.k.i.n.g. freezing.  But lovely.


  • Lying outside in the sunshine a few hours after the eclipse and it was so hot I got to take some of those layers off.  I exposed white skin to the sun.  Ahhhh, it felt so good I even got to doze.
  • I have made 2 puddings in the last week.  Go me!  Actual, intentional pudding.  I bought ingredients and everything.  I am uber Mummy, setting unattainable standards for mothers everywhere.  (clue – this book is your friend, esp if you have a child with diabetes/are on a calorie controlled diet and need to know nutritional values).
  • I got that empty laundry basket phenomenon again.  Twice.  But Caroline tells me I am not allowed to talk about it.  It shows the true banality of my life.  However.  Whooohooo.  I did laundry.  I rock.
  • Both kids bedrooms are clean.  As in, there is very little crap on the floors.  I am not sure what prompted this and I am very appreciative.  I mean, yes, I ASKED my boy to tidy his room this morning but there is usually a gap between that and actually acquiescence.  I might even get to vacuum it, because that is the true banality of my life.  Joy in little things people.  Joys in little things.
  • I had a fun self portrait course this week run by the beautiful Monicka Clio Sakki and got to have rather too much fun for a banal life.  And got this rather fabulous big hair shot…

Jaci big hair


  • First asparagus of the season in today’s veggie box.  hhhhhmmmm.  It was gone by the time anyone got home to notice…
  • Finally got into the big smoke to the Bank.  Not very far to go, just never get around to it.
  • A fun family outing to a local mini theme park.  Roo was going to a party there so we all got in cheap.  And the sun shone.  Our body weight in chips may have been consumed, but there was a fair bit of walking around so surely it balances out?

What makes you grateful on this fine spring day?  (Coz it is officially spring now)

Thankful Thursday 19th March 2015

Thankful Thurs Roo running

Today I am grateful for:

  • My new tablecloth.  Its oilcloth so easy wipey.  And I get to inflict learning at dinner.  The only tricky part is knowing which bits to wipe off and which is actually a mountain range.  Yesterday we created a new archipelago off the coast of Australia and a large Atol in the south pacific.  Very volcanic around there.   (it also amuses me to say things like, pass the pepper, its in India.)


  • Our first Spirited Tribe session.  I just love spending transformational creativity time with such gorgeous open women.  It sings to my soul!
  • Fun and game with various theme days at the boys’ school. Notable red nose day and World Book day.   That is Gandalf and Toothless the dragon.  And a genuine toothlessness is going on.  This morning the disguised one below went into school with that snuggle tooth hanging out even more, but stubbornly refusing to exit.

Roo disguise you shall not pass... toothless


  • I have got a job!  Well, I am helping out at my husbands office as their administrator had to leave.  I have to wear smart clothes and stuff.  And use a brain.  Mostly I borrow theirs.
  • I love having a place to paint & create.  I am very grateful for this gift.
  • Oh my fricking gosh.  Game of Thrones.  I refused to get into this but that darn Tyrion Lannister character just pulled me in.  It is waaaayyy too violent and unfair and all that stuff for me but I have gotten obsessed.  We are nearly at the end of season 4 and I just want it to stop so I can do other stuff!  (Also, they keep killing off my favourite characters which is annoying)  But, oh the costumes.  And a strange attraction to a handsome dwarf…
  • An afternoon to myself down the allotment the other day, just having a bonfire and burning up some old leaves and plants.  I had the lovely realisation that I have my own shed to play in.  Why was this a realisation?  I mean, its been there a few years now.  I just saw it in a new light after being all jealous that Leonie Dawson had rented a retreat cabin by the sea for her afternoons.  I suddenly saw that I can go down there even when not doing allotment stuff.  Like to just sit and write when its warm.  Radical.  And right under my nose!

2015-03-06 14.01.29 2015-03-06 14.01.53 2015-03-06 14.02.02

  • I have been managing a menu plan for the past several weeks.  Ordering shopping and working to a plan.  It makes my life so much easier.  My next job will be to automate it even further.  Plan with associated list in my supermarket trolley.
  • Two parent evenings giving us confirmation that our boys are doing just fine at school.
  • This.  Love my family.

Daddy reading

Thankful Mousakka

Thankful Thurs Roo running

Its a late one today, so I am giving you my gratitude and some backstory as to why this was a reason to be grateful.

Today I am grateful for a making a makeshift Mousakka, in about 20 minutes.  From my favourite recipe book which also states the carb content for diabetic children and the cooking time.  Hurrah.  And it was well received by most of the crew.

This is in stark contrast with the last and first time I made a proper moussaka…


20th December 2010  Mamma’s Log

Today I decided to make Moussaka for the first time.  We ate the most wonderful one in Kefalonia where our hotelier Stavos’s Mamma made it.  She seemed to spend most of her time in the kitchen so really I should have been warned.

I went for the vegetarian option with green lentils.  I thought, ‘oh it will be like making lasagne’.  

Luckily, I thought I’d get a headstart and make it early to get it in the slow cooker before tackling the ever expanding Christmas To Do list.  Thank goodness I did because it took me all bloody day to make it.  And I chose the recipe from an alleged ‘easy’ book which usually delivers on its promise.  Unusually for me I had read the ingredient list and had everything, but I didn’t read the instructions. 

First: cook onions & garlic, add lentils, tomatoes & tasty stuff.  Cook for ONE hour.  Yep, failed to read this bit.

Second: slice & soak Aubergines (eggplant if any Northern Americans are reading) in salt for 3 minutes.

Third: peel potatoes & boil whole.

Fourth: chop mushrooms.  skipped this stage as Tintin doesn’t like them & I was bored by now.

Fifth: wash Aubergines, pat dry (harump) and fry the living daylights out of them.

Six: Are you still here??  Layer aubergines, lentil mix a couple of times. 

Seven: slice potatoes on top.  Oh what, they boiled into mush?  Just wing it and pretend you can cut the moosh and attempt to get them on top.

I was soo p**d off by now, I was ready to pretend it was a casserole & serve it with rice.  Sadly I had announced my intentions so had to soldier on.

Eight: melt mountain of butter with token smattering of flour. 

Nine: Warm milk in yet another pan.

Ten: Add milk to butter melt.  Forget to stir like crazy. Strain through sieve and start again.  Stir like crazy.

Eleven: Realise this recipe doesn’t put cheese in the sauce that I so adore.  Its why I wanted to make it in the first place.  Grate cheese and add it anyway.

Twelve: separate 2 Eggs. put whites aside to make peppermint creams with kids/husband to knock over side* (*delete as you see fit)

Thirteen: Still with me. Shhesh. I wasn’t.  At this stage I was getting seriously grumpy. Also Bini announces that she’s poorly and starts being sick.  Not in the kitchen I hasten to add. One less  for dinner.  Anyway, add the wretched eggs to the cooling sauce,

Fourteen: Pour the sauce on top of the moussaka and throw it in the oven in disgust.

Fifteen: Get husband to trudge through the snow to buy some garlic bread because I was fed up of cooking.

Sixteen: Go nuture ailing babe.

At this point for the first time in my ahem illustrious cooking career that I was hoping for negative reviews.  I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE THIS AGAIN!

Oh My.  It looked and tasted Wonderful.  It played to rave reviews, even the difficult audience of ‘I don’t think I’ll like this, Mummy.’  Dammit.

So now you know why I won’t be making you proper greek food.  I go for the easy life hack version using jar aubergines and crumbled feta.  Get used to it.

What are you grateful for today?  Easy peasy meals?

Thankful Thursday 19th Feb 2015

Thankful Thurs Roo running

Today I am grateful for:

  • Green juice with the ripest pineapple this side of gone off.  Super sweet!
  • Lazy half term.
  • This happening organically without any input from me.  All three of them playing on a creative project.  proud mummy moment!
  • creative 3
  • New set of oracle cards from Inner Hue.  I did some playing with them yesterday and they were spot on!
  • oracle cards pic
  • A good afternoons cook out down the allotment.  Its the first visit.  Finally got that garlic in the ground I was fretting about back in early November
  • The small ones Class show & tell type thing of their topic – explorers.  This involved the sweetest singing from the class and an individual showing of his pirate scroll and topic workbook.  He was super excited about this presentation for some reason, and then, joy of joys he got to be the one handing out the homemade cookies they created to the parents.  Hence he got to be in the pirate costume.
  • 2015-02-13 14.29.39
  • So excited was he about this topic that he then had to show it to his big sister and read what he had written.  Just as well, as there was some rather phonetically spelled words!
  • 2015-02-13 15.29.24
  • Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  Had them for lunch and tea.  Lunch with our lovely friends and tea with our lovely cafe – flipped to perfection by the vicar & trainee vicar.  Apparently its a pre-requisite of ordination.  And have discovered the joys of blueberry and philadelphia cheese filling.  Unexpectedly yummy.
  • A fab afternoon today with small friends coming to play Skylanders while we mummies drank tea and green juice.
  • Great women in my life.  Just so very lucky.

And you?  What are you grateful for today?  Let us know in the comments below or on the Facebook page!

Thankful Thursday 5th Feb 2015

Thankful Thurs Roo running

Today I am grateful for:

  • A very unexpected snow day on my boys 11th birthday.  Snow happens very rarely around here, and this wasn’t even forecast.  So it was extra magical to wake up and look out the window with the gasping intake of breath that is code for fresh snowfall.
  • I also had a lovely birthday, with my man taking the day off to be with me.
  • A lovely promenade along the pier, arm in arm.  So delightfully British.  I always feel like I should have a crinoline dress and a parasol.  It was however pretty darn cold so grateful for thermals and wooly hats too!
  • Sushi.  That was my birthday treat.  hmmmmm.
  • A full moon with a rainbow halo last night. Gorgeous.
  • Making this dreamboard at last weeks Create Your Big Beautiful Year.  I am totes in love with it.  The dream board and the Course women.

dreamboard 2015

This is only a quick one this week because I am going full tilt on a very exciting project I am working on creating a loving sacred creative monthly membership group.  I am squealingly overexcited.  I hope to share more with you soon.   In the meantime, sign up below to my mailing list so you will be the first to know the deets! 😉

Spirited Tribe header 5 Fushia

What are you in love with in your life right now?

And thankful into the New Year

Well, Hello!  How the devil are you, Darling?  How was your Christmas & New Year?  Hope it was fabulous!  Ours was quiet and fabulous.  Christmas quiet, New Year noisy.  For the first time in ages, my beloved & I went out for NYs Eve.  To a Barn, in the middle of nowhere, where I found myself dancing with a deposed president from an island nation.  Slightly surreal & I hadn’t even had anything to drink.  Great night, lots of boogieing.

And the usual assumption from a girlfriend of a girlfriend that I must be completely drunk from the way I dance.  ‘Hello, I am Jaci’, Yes, I know.’  OH?  I was asking Ab about you, I thought you must be totally wasted but she says you don’t drink & that is just what you do.  ‘eeeeermmm.  Yes?’  Update: she friended me on FB.  Hurrah for crazy dancing.

Today I am grateful for:

  • A night out at a girlfriends house with a bunch of other mothers from school.  OUT.  On a Saturday night.  I know, you may need to sit down and fan yourself.  I did.
  • My Word of the Year Banner that adorns my lovely candle holder over our eating-together table.  Seemed like an appropriate place to put ‘Connection’.
  • word of the year 2015
  • Sitting in a pub writing this on a regency sofa and a small dog occasionally trotting up to say hello.  A cheeky hour to myself, dressed up as ‘taking daughter to drama class’.  Well, its not worth going home and coming back out again for just an hours lesson now is it?
  • My doll face girl enjoying her new drama class & making new friends while deepening old ones.
  • My little gap tooth boy.  The tooth fairy did eventually show up with a special plasticfantastic-connect-to-a-Wii-game toy as a special treat for the front teeth.  She had some delivery issues her end – something about eFae?  (my daughter came up with eFae – she was very proud of that one)
  • gappy
  • Getting our house fixed up ready for the possibility of moving to a larger place.  The project we were  hoping for hasn’t materialised in the way we were hoping yet, but the energy of starting the new year with the house almost ready to go is AMAAAZING!
  • My curly top big boy getting passionate about knitting & created his own hat as his first big project.  I loved the connection we had while I helped him with it.  He is living in his hat.  At some point I am going to have to get the scissors out to remove it from his head & wash it…
  • My Create Your Big Beautiful Year course is now in its third week.  I am so loving these gorgeous women who have taken the commitment to do this with me.  Some wonderful stuff going on & I am in my element!
  • A lovely heath walk at the weekend en famille.  Can’t beat fresh air!
  • My husbands support in my endeavours and everything I do really.  Mostly.  It has been fun connecting over the house renovation jobs again.  Its been a while since we painted walls together.

What are you enjoying in your life right now?


Thankful Thursday 18th December 2014

So, it has been noted that I haven’t done my thankful Thursday for a couple of weeks.  ooops!

I have been sat behind a computer, but mostly working on learning how to create a more decent website.  I will be super swish in the new year!

I have also been working on my new Course that I will be running in January – Create Your Big Beautiful Year!

Super excited to be running this.  I am doing it as an in person course and also an online version.  Wanna join in?! – Creativity, journalling, goal setting & planning, & so much more.

CYBBY poster

Today I am grateful for:

  • A gorgeous home made blanket, crocheted just for my from my beloved friend Jo.  Scrumpious!
  • A cute carol concert/nativity last week with my boys.
  • A few days of my mum staying & seeing that she is indeed improving from Lyme Disease.  Walking really quite well now.
  • A chiropractic readjustment and massage.  I glide now!
  • A haircut with a young lass who then decided to blow dry it in the way that she probably thought I ought to look at my age.  I never knew it took so long to do this (spoiler – I don’t own a hairdryer) but I looked very swish afterwards if rather too grown up for my liking!
  • haircut
  • Doing so much learning on website creation thanks to Star Kherchara’s awesome e-course.  Thanks Star!
  • My 10yr old coming to get me up one morning last week (I was mostly awake!) because there was the most amazing sunrise.  He came and  opened the curtains so I could fully appreciate it.  So sweet of him to want to share it.
  • The sweetest poetry reading with 5/6 year olds reading poems they had written to the mummies and daddies
  • Getting the homepage of this website done.  This may not look much to you, but it represents major progress for me!
  • Getting my Leonie Dawson workbooks printed out today, whooohoo.  I love these workbooks.  Get yours here on my affiliate link & we’ll be best friends:







So what are you grateful for today?  What has lit you up like a Christmas tree?