Inner Clarity and Focus for overwhelmed Mamas who want to live their dream life. (and still get the kids fed)

  • Do you feel you have lost touch with YOU?
  • Are you one tired Mama in the busy-ness of family life?
  • Love your kids to the moon and back.  But sometimes wonder what is missing?
  • Ready to reclaim your inner fabulous?
  • Are you ready for 2017 to be Big and Beautiful in the way that You decide?

Thank goodness you are here,  Welcome Home!

Valerie Tanswell

Thankyou for this course – it’s really changed me!

Joanne Kear

Jaci has skillfully blended a variety of creative techniques with meditation & self reflection into a course which is fun, supportive & effective.  It helped me focus on what’s important to me & has made positive, achievable lasting changes.

Joanne KearNYR organics Consultant

With this structured in-depth 5 week course you will:

  • Get a massive confidence boost as you realise just how damn fabulous you are!
  • Get back into alignment with You
  • Get clarity and motivation to plan and implement changes
  • Feel clearer, more focused & less ‘fuzzy’
  • Have fun playing & discovering, y’know?  Just like the kids do?

Create Your Big Beautiful Year – Make 2017 the year you feel whole again!

In depth 99 page fillable digital Workbook

Weekly Actionable Video Lessons

3 Fun Creative Workshops

Tools and tips for Self Discovery

Bonus MP3 Guided Meditations

Sisterhood support & connection

Enough teasing – I want in right NOW!

Easy instalment plan for in-person before 31st December

(3 payments of £50 every 4 weeks.)

I can’t be there in-person, lets do this online!

Module 1 - Start where you are.

Starting where you are and accepting what has been is always the starting point to any journey.

In this module, you will be Reviewing and Releasing 2016 with a Farewell 2016 workbook, & video.

Creative Workshop.  You will be meeting your guide in this journey, your new best friend – Your Journal.

Then you will be starting to Dream it up Big.  with a pdf workbook & Video

Module 2 - Stand up and be counted

In this module we will be Declaring our intention to ourselves and the world and deciding on the direction of our journey & creating our visual map of the destination.

Learn how to make your own inspirational posters & dashboard reminders

Learn how to create your visual map of dreams aka vision boards or dream boards

With an in depth pdf workbook, Two Creative workshop on dreamboards & personal inspiration posters

Module 3 - Clearing the way

Learn how getting rid of Aunt Nancy’s china elephant can make your dreams come true!  In depth pdf workbook on eliminating everything not in alignment with your Intention, including energy drains.

Learn how to remove negative thought patterns that hold you back.

Learn how to make your newly cleared space a special haven for your and your family with the Creating sacred space workshop.

Module 4 - Getting Focused

Learn how to set inspiring goals that sing to you, and how to make them real with an in-depth pdf workbook & video lesson

Get the chance to list all the things you want 2017 to contain including the small things

Learn how to use planners, calendars & timelines to make shiz happen!

Module 5 - Keeping the momentum

In a series of mini lessons, learn how to:

Put support structures in place to hold your big beautiful life.

Create ways to help yourself stay focused and positive

Use Gratitude as a Dream Detective

Find out how a healthy menu plan can save your sanity as well as your body!

Learn the power of ongoing accountability and review.


BONUS  – MP3 Guided visualisation for Dreamboards

BONUS  – MP3 Guided visualisation for Word of Year declaration

BONUS   – 7 day Gratitude pdf booklet

BONUS  – 12 month free access to sisterhood Facebook group.  Get accountable and review your goals regularly!

What does this fantastic course cost?

5 weeks of fabulousness with me in-person in my home (with chai!) for the small group in-person intensive.

worth £350,

I am offering a special price for my local community an investment of £150 early bird before 31st Dec 2016.

Full price £165 

For online magic for a weekly live call & online group work, worth £250,

I am offering for this time only an investment of £79 before 31st December 2016, or £97 after that.

Both versions of the course start week commencing 9th January.   The live in-person course is running on Wednesdays 9.30 – 11.30 chez Jaci, starting on 11th January 2017.  Final session is 8th February 2017

About Jaci

I fricking roooool !

ok, seriously, so what do you want to know?

My work is a mixture of practical structures to help create the space for you to shine, of inner work exploring the creativity inside you, and of looking after body & soul while you head toward even greater vitality.  It is an amalgamation of a lifetimes learning & exploring

I have always known I was a spiritual being, and made my first altar before I entered puberty, a tree stump outside that I laid out as a harvest festival.    I also used to periodically arrange my window sill so that it was beautiful with my special things.  I didn’t know then that I was creating sacred space.  It just felt like the right thing to do.

I spent 3 years in my 20’s living in a community which ran a course & conference centre for mind body spirit development, encountering a variety of spiritual beliefs and teachers.  It wasn’t until later that I realised how many of them were major leaders in their fields – Brandon Bays, Shakti Gawain, William Bloom, Gabrielle Roth, Caitlin & John Matthews, Malidoma & Sobonfu Some, Leo Rutherford amongst many – and how fortunate I was to meet & learn from them.

I started to rediscover my creativity when I was pregnant with my first child.  It began with making practical things for my babies & me and over the years has evolved to exploring the inner stuff of getting in touch with my own core wisdom.  I still made an awesome Minecraft hotwater bottle cover for my 10 year old for Christmas though, because warm feet are important too.

bio stuff – I am a trained practitioner in NLP with Sarah Frossel.  I also have an advanced certificate in Marketing and a bachelors honours degree in Mechanical Engineering.  A weird selection I know.  It is a matter of personal shame that I never got my cycling proficiency like everyone else, but thats what happens when your parents send you to a private school in the early years.  I can however ride a bike very efficiently.  I did get my Brownie Guides cycling badge if that helps.

Thank you for such a wonderful course!  It gave me a massive confidence boost.  I knew I needed something/one to guide me into a fresher place within & being on this course helped me to achieve this. 

Sheena M

It gave me the tools and motivation to plan and implement changes that I wanted in my life.

Sara H N

Thank you so much for the tools to help me stay positive and active to reach my goals.

Trixie de la Rouge
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